It Begins

Molitor’s Haunted Acres is THE scariest plot of land in Central Minnesota, and has been for decades! Ghouls, ghosts and creatures of the night flock to our woods, inhabiting the darkness in every corner. Your haunted experience will take you on a haunted hayride through the Woods of Doom where killers, madmen and your darkest fears come to life.

The Walk
Through Horror.

After the ride of doom, the wagon will drop you off at the Restless Stop. You will continue on foot through “The Rabbit Hole”, assisted by “The Queen” where the pathway will take you to the Haunted House, where the past of the most evil people dwell, make your way thru the rooms of horrors,  occupied and waiting for you…you will encounter the things of nightmares as you continue thru the house and thru more structures of destruction on your pathway thru the woods where you will meet up with the undead and the most horrific evils who consider these woods their home…YOU are the INTRUDER!

Molitor’s Haunted Acres is owned and operated by the same personnel who owns and runs Molitor’s Quarry Grill & Bar and Events. We’d love for you to visit for a meal or drink with family, friends, and co-workers! Our restaurant offers a full menu, bar, and event services – All Year ‘Round! Built on the beautiful and historic Sauk Rapids Quarry.


General Admissions

$24 General Admission | $45 Fastpass

$26 General Admission | $48 Fastpass

$28 General Admission | $52 Fastpass

We accept Visa, Master and Cash at the door. No personal checks.
*Credit Card fees may apply