Central Minnesota’s Premiere Haunted Attraction!


Molitor’s Haunted Acres is THE scariest plot of land in Central Minnesota, and has been for decades! Ghouls, ghosts and creatures of the night flock to our woods, inhabiting the darkness in every corner.Your haunted experience will take you on a haunted hayride through the Woods of Doom where killers, madmen and your darkest fears come to life. Experience all your favorite classic horror icons on the hayride, along with many others.

After the hayride, take a break, find some refreshments, and get warm by the fire at The Rest Stop. Or experience the Zombie Shootout! The Zombie Paintball Shootout is a separate attraction (and fee) within our “Rest Stop.” Brought to you by Molitor’s Haunted Acres and Annandale Paintball. Make sure you try it out! Credit/Debit accepted onsite for the paintball attraction.

Then, if you dare, Continue your experience on foot through five additional haunt scenes!


MHA Press Coverage! We love to show everyone a screaming good time!! See what area reporters and guests have said about us Here.


Within the Grill & Bar on the same land, many strange things happen. Care to visit for a meal or drink and check it out for yourself? See if the TVs flicker on and off by themselves. Wait, did that door just close by itself?? And the lights … what’s going on here? Built on the Sauk Rapids Quarry from years ago, we’re not sure if we’re being visited by an old quarry worker, or maybe a past family member, but the harmless jokes being played may have you question what you believe.


Molitor’s Haunted Acres 2016 Season information will be posted soon. Check back for all the info about our month of horrific scares and screams!

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Molitor’s Haunted Acres is located at: 3571 5th Ave NE Sauk Rapids, MN 56379